Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Clay and sand whispering colors...

I know, Christmas has not arrived yet and I already talk about 2014.
Sometimes there are moments like this, when new ideas appear, new pieces ... and the desire is greater!
So here in the studio already thinking about 2014 and all the news to come next year!

domingo, 3 de novembro de 2013

Managing Time

The beginning of the week for me is always filled with a giant shedulle .
Work alone , have time for my son and for the endless tasks of everyday life .
A good schedule is absolutely necessary .
But .... reality is not always so perfect and I end up making the mistake of interminable to do  lists , and I end up going into stress , because it 's not possible to do everything I propose to.
Balancing all this can be difficult ... and requires a lot of time practicing ... reduce tasks always seems impossible , on the other hand do everything is practically inhuman .

I 've been thinking about this subject lately .

What do you do to get manage your time usefully ?

Lately , after various efforts I have applied some rules to my time:

1 º Do not  an agenda that is impossible .

Be realistic and fit throughout the day spaces to breathe , the little moments we stopped sometimes can be quite useful , make us look for work and be able to make improvements if necessary ;

2 º  When something happens to one of the tasks on my list, and for some reason I'm not able to finish it, I transfer that same task for later, as though, throughout the day I'm wondering what is going wrong and how can I overcome the obstacle.

Sometimes we lose too much time with something, we obsess, in this way we do not so easily realized how to resolve the situation;

3 º  For me this is the best: Is devote heart and soul to each task. Do not try to do several things at once.
 Be present in every small or big task, being totally focused, dedicating my best.

  This is the best tool to be able to do better every day.

At the end of the day I review the agenda, I think what I did, what went wrong and what went well.

Of course we are always tasks to do, to join in the next day's schedule. but sometimes the opposite happens, and when that happens I take the opportunity to see the wonderful handmade of so many wonderful shops
In this sequence, and as Christmas approaches, I leave some wonderful tips so that your Christmas can be beautifully handmade!

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