Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Clay and sand whispering colors...

I know, Christmas has not arrived yet and I already talk about 2014.
Sometimes there are moments like this, when new ideas appear, new pieces ... and the desire is greater!
So here in the studio already thinking about 2014 and all the news to come next year!

domingo, 3 de novembro de 2013

Managing Time

The beginning of the week for me is always filled with a giant shedulle .
Work alone , have time for my son and for the endless tasks of everyday life .
A good schedule is absolutely necessary .
But .... reality is not always so perfect and I end up making the mistake of interminable to do  lists , and I end up going into stress , because it 's not possible to do everything I propose to.
Balancing all this can be difficult ... and requires a lot of time practicing ... reduce tasks always seems impossible , on the other hand do everything is practically inhuman .

I 've been thinking about this subject lately .

What do you do to get manage your time usefully ?

Lately , after various efforts I have applied some rules to my time:

1 º Do not  an agenda that is impossible .

Be realistic and fit throughout the day spaces to breathe , the little moments we stopped sometimes can be quite useful , make us look for work and be able to make improvements if necessary ;

2 º  When something happens to one of the tasks on my list, and for some reason I'm not able to finish it, I transfer that same task for later, as though, throughout the day I'm wondering what is going wrong and how can I overcome the obstacle.

Sometimes we lose too much time with something, we obsess, in this way we do not so easily realized how to resolve the situation;

3 º  For me this is the best: Is devote heart and soul to each task. Do not try to do several things at once.
 Be present in every small or big task, being totally focused, dedicating my best.

  This is the best tool to be able to do better every day.

At the end of the day I review the agenda, I think what I did, what went wrong and what went well.

Of course we are always tasks to do, to join in the next day's schedule. but sometimes the opposite happens, and when that happens I take the opportunity to see the wonderful handmade of so many wonderful shops
In this sequence, and as Christmas approaches, I leave some wonderful tips so that your Christmas can be beautifully handmade!

Buy Handmade for Christmas!

sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

Colors that refresh, images that invite you to a deep breath and smile, a reminder of the sea for a hot day!

Summer wants to continue with us, high temperatures invite us to use fresh colors.
This is for a hot Friday. What do you think?

More Friday night outfits you can find at Star of The East Blog.

quarta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2013

Time flies

I'm amazed how quickly time goes!
in my last post I talked of inspiration, the sea and its wonders, how much they are a wonderful and endless source of inspiration.
During these last days I almost live in the studio.
The endless source that are corals, barnacles, sea life, has been incorporated into my pieces.
I'm in love with the results.
When someone come into my studio does not want to leave, and this is undoubtedly the best way to express how much the pieces are attractive and inviting to use every day.
These are some of the pieces of jewelery that you can find in the shop:

A gorgeous necklace in shades of blue, made inspired by the sea and coral.
Totaly hand modeled, a sculpture, One of a kind necklace. A piece of art.
The ceramic piece measure 1,9'' (5 cm), the necklace has a total length of 25'' (64 cm).
You can use it in the size you like, you can close it by a simple knot or a lovely bow. 

this blue and lavender statement necklace gorgeously textured by hand beautifully detailed and completly soldered around its natural shape.

The necklace is 24'' (60cm) with an extension of 3'' (8cm).
The pendant is 2'' (5cm) at its largest (widest) point.

One of a kind necklace. A piece of art.
The ceramic piece measure 1,57'' (4 cm), the necklace has a total length of 25'' (64 cm).
You can use it in the size you like, you can close it by a simple knot or a lovely bow. 

Gorgeous textured ceramic ring, glazed in green, orange and yellow.

The ring is adjustable.
The ceramic piece measures approximately 0,79 x 0,59 in ( 2 x 1,5 cm).

It's such a joy to  being in the studio and see the pieces take shape and become beautiful pieces of jewelery!

I am so happy with the result!

domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Stay tuned, coming up unique creations....

The sea is a source of endless inspiration.
I confess I'm in love by the sea.
  I've done diving few times, and every time I get there the seabed is as if he entered into a magical world. sometimes I almost forget to breathe such is the beauty of our world.

You will soon view a new brand new collection, inspired by the beauty of corals, sea urchins, the colors, perfection and tranquility that only nature can pass on.
I hope that this challenge has a perfect ending. soon there will be in my shop, a tribute into the depths of the ocean, unattainable worlds and breathtakingly beautiful.
Stay tuned, coming up unique creations for the home and for us women who love what is unique and truly inspiring!

I know this is not my best photo, but I assure you it is a wonderful moment :)

Have a lovely Sunday

Enjoy relaxing ...

in a garden like this, I want to go, shall we?

Photo from Pinterest!

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Where you find me?

This Post is for my dear friends in Portugal, who host and promote my work to their clients.
They are wonderful shops, run by wonderful people who cherish the the best that is Made in Portugal, they chose to have my pieces among many other wonders.

Today we travel to Evora, south of Portugal, to know the lovely Andrea store, called  Gente da minha terra ( people of my land) .

 Andrea chooses all items very carefully, with a selection of handmade Portuguese, as well as our  gastronomy is very well represented.

If you go to Evora, this is a place not to miss visiting, leave yourself in the friendliness of the hosts, and know what Portugal has to offer.

It is a pleasure to have my work in this wonderful space.

Thanks so much Andrea for you amzing store!

Gente da Minha Terra
Rua 5 de Outubro, 39 Evora Portugal

sexta-feira, 17 de maio de 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

I love dresses flying in the wind, giving a touch of sensuality and simultaneously mark the presence of a woman who knows what she wants, she likes her own and enjoying the moments.
 With a touch very own and special.
I chose this outfit because I identify with this style, practical, modern, feminine and with some mystery.
 who is she??


If you want to see more of it go to Star of the East blog. 

My creative space

There are times when my space is absolutely chaotic, is when I have to deliver pieces to stores in Portugal,

 I have my pieces in some stores in Portugal. All very well chosen, I have  my pieces in places that handmade is really valued and appreciated.

 this time was an order for the museum shop of the National Museum Tile in Lisbon.

 Meanwhile there are new pieces in my etsy shop!

Home decor : A beautiful orange bowl for your house!

Jewelry :A gorgeous necklace in shades of black and white, made inspired by traditional Portuguese motifs.

Take a look at  the shop, you wil find wonderful handmade ceramic pieces! 

quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

A Special Gift

In those moments when life is complicated, it is the small gestures that touch us most.

The gestures that put a smile on our lips and warm, inside the heart.

That's what happened to me last December. One day, when I opened the mailbox and there it was ... a special gift ... From that moment I was passionate about it, in such a way that I was not able to use it.

 Every day I touched him and put in special places, to be able to admire it and feel that smile on the lips and warmth inside me.

Meanwhile these last months, I have made some changes here for home, some necessary and painful, others, because I want to fill with color and joy all around us. In this way did a space to relax and be with friends.

I started looking for materials to be able to recycle ... pallets ... old wooden structures that I discovered, fabrics, colored inks and space began to take shape and positive vibes.

 You guys still wonder and surprise? what was the surprise???
I know!

The best surprises are always for the end :)

There is a shop .. a friend ... an artist ... that makes  wonderful journals.
I've always admired her work. The originality, quality, attention to detail ... all ...

and ..... she offered me a journal!!!!!!!

and now?
what to write on it? so many possibilities and so much responsibility, you can not just write something on a piece of art so beautiful.

Until ... I discovered ...
Every day I write a sentence that is strong and positive, that make me laugh and believe that dreams are possible.

When there are no more pages to write, I'll keeps him always in a place where I can see, and one day later I will offer it to my son, that he also always believe in the power of friends .. . even if they are far away!

The title is: Steps to a Simple Life

Thank you dear Baghy, for your generosity, for being as you are, by the talented artist and friend!

Look at her shop, and you'll be like me,  in  love!




quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

A beautiful day and a pleasent surprise

 Today was the official opening day of the blog, and I was schedule tomorrow to put another post. Yes .. one of my goals is to be a little more organized :)

But ...
Today is a holiday in Portugal, labor day ... and to celebrate it I and my son went to work in the garden.

We are very proud of the latest developments, because with the rain this spring, it seemed that nothing was going to happen in the garden, just a lake.
but we already have some biologic vegetables, ready to eat, and others growing.



more lettuce




 another Japanese type of lettuce, which I missed the name



And ... as the birds in the area, beautiful and friendly, ate all the ripe strawberries.

We had to make a scarecrow, and  is very sexy lady ... yes, because here we are a democracy, but the woman commands a little more ... :) ...for now ....

And we were exhausted, especially Buba, the dog, who got tired of making holes ... where it was not supposed to.

When we got back I had a pleasant email waiting for me.
Estella, our great friend and captain of europeanstreetteam, who was restless, as well as  Esther, her mother, and  organized the whole event raffles, to help me in the difficult time that I spent, and I'll never have words to thank ALL those who participated.

so ... Estela bought me some beads, and I can only thank the MUCH they had done,  with my work, and I offered them with all my heart, my one pieces.

Estella  took some pictures and put on her blog.
Estella is beautiful and I loved to see her with  my necklace :)

I feel so grateful :)

Thank you soooooooooo much!

Welcome to azulado lifestyle!

I sandra
Passionate about the sea, the sun, the warm breeze of summer afternoons
The color delights me,
Life is a challenge ...

I, Sandra
creative ...

I share with you the new page of my life, I bring in the baggage a life of struggles, losses and victories.
As some of you know, from my previous blog, my companion passed away.

This is my new blog. like a rebirth, a start over ...

I'll never forget the past, it was who made ​​me what I am today and I bring with me many happy moments.

The recent loss still hurts and accompanies me every day, and I and my son have a life ahead for us and for the beautiful things that life also gives us, I want to share with you this new stage, which we bring smiles and hopes , lessons and joys.

That my studio be filled with life and color.

Which of my days, I can share with you moments and thoughts.

Welcome, it is a pleasure to share with you what life gives me!

This beautiful dress is from https://www.etsy.com/shop/cutrag