Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

A beautiful day and a pleasent surprise

 Today was the official opening day of the blog, and I was schedule tomorrow to put another post. Yes .. one of my goals is to be a little more organized :)

But ...
Today is a holiday in Portugal, labor day ... and to celebrate it I and my son went to work in the garden.

We are very proud of the latest developments, because with the rain this spring, it seemed that nothing was going to happen in the garden, just a lake.
but we already have some biologic vegetables, ready to eat, and others growing.



more lettuce




 another Japanese type of lettuce, which I missed the name



And ... as the birds in the area, beautiful and friendly, ate all the ripe strawberries.

We had to make a scarecrow, and  is very sexy lady ... yes, because here we are a democracy, but the woman commands a little more ... :) ...for now ....

And we were exhausted, especially Buba, the dog, who got tired of making holes ... where it was not supposed to.

When we got back I had a pleasant email waiting for me.
Estella, our great friend and captain of europeanstreetteam, who was restless, as well as  Esther, her mother, and  organized the whole event raffles, to help me in the difficult time that I spent, and I'll never have words to thank ALL those who participated.

so ... Estela bought me some beads, and I can only thank the MUCH they had done,  with my work, and I offered them with all my heart, my one pieces.

Estella  took some pictures and put on her blog.
Estella is beautiful and I loved to see her with  my necklace :)

I feel so grateful :)

Thank you soooooooooo much!

14 comentários:

  1. What a great way to celebrate the first of May! And it was good wether for that, too! Love the scarecrow!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol... you have no idea the dificult of make it , some diferent point of views ;)
      Francisco want to make a monster :/

  2. Wow, Sandra, you have so many cool veggies and salads and herbs! Send me some strawberries if the scarecrow manages to save them :D

    1. Done, if the strawberries survive, I make a pie and sending a slice :) ....well might be better to make a jam, to get your house still delicious :)

  3. Thank you my friend!
    Love your garden hope you'll enjoy many happy meals from it :)

    1. I do have to thank all your hard work and friendship. and yes, we are already making some delicious salads :) You guys are all invited to dinner ... :) well ... the garden is not that big, but we can divide a lettuce leaf

  4. Amazing garden and all these green yummies!!!!!
    Buba is already big boy!) Im very glad you had amazing day and Estella made a great surprise for you!!!)

    1. Yes Buba is a big puppy, eat everyting, ... but is a great friend for us!
      came to dinner too :)

  5. What a great plan for today, you have lovely vegie garden Sandra.

  6. It's great to grow your own vegetables, they taste differently somehow because of the work you've put into them! and I think it's magic to see them grow.

  7. katerira and Lucie you are so right, its so good see the garden grow, and the meals are an unique and delicious taste :)

    some more to share a lettuce leave ? :)

  8. Very interesting blog. How interesting you, Sandra, describe your garden. Have you got a funny scarecrow ....
      Your son has a grown-up look.

  9. Such a sunny post, Sandra!
    I am a bit envious of that beautiful garden ;-)

  10. Thanks so much :) I love stay in the garden in the end of the day with my son :) and its so good before make the dinner, go to the garden and bring with me the meal :)