Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

A Special Gift

In those moments when life is complicated, it is the small gestures that touch us most.

The gestures that put a smile on our lips and warm, inside the heart.

That's what happened to me last December. One day, when I opened the mailbox and there it was ... a special gift ... From that moment I was passionate about it, in such a way that I was not able to use it.

 Every day I touched him and put in special places, to be able to admire it and feel that smile on the lips and warmth inside me.

Meanwhile these last months, I have made some changes here for home, some necessary and painful, others, because I want to fill with color and joy all around us. In this way did a space to relax and be with friends.

I started looking for materials to be able to recycle ... pallets ... old wooden structures that I discovered, fabrics, colored inks and space began to take shape and positive vibes.

 You guys still wonder and surprise? what was the surprise???
I know!

The best surprises are always for the end :)

There is a shop .. a friend ... an artist ... that makes  wonderful journals.
I've always admired her work. The originality, quality, attention to detail ... all ...

and ..... she offered me a journal!!!!!!!

and now?
what to write on it? so many possibilities and so much responsibility, you can not just write something on a piece of art so beautiful.

Until ... I discovered ...
Every day I write a sentence that is strong and positive, that make me laugh and believe that dreams are possible.

When there are no more pages to write, I'll keeps him always in a place where I can see, and one day later I will offer it to my son, that he also always believe in the power of friends .. . even if they are far away!

The title is: Steps to a Simple Life

Thank you dear Baghy, for your generosity, for being as you are, by the talented artist and friend!

Look at her shop, and you'll be like me,  in  love!




10 comentários:

  1. Sandra, you have created a very cozy place!! Love it!

    And I love Anca's creations and agree with your words about her journals! I keep one by my self, it is always near me and gives me warmth and smile!)

    Thank you for your amazing posts!!!

  2. Yeeaaa I,m not alone :) they are amazing :)

    About the space is nice have a place for relax :)

  3. Amazing post, Sandra! I just love what you do with the journal (which is a gorgeous one, like all journals Anca makes) and I think it's amazing you'll give it to your son one day.

    The table made out of the pallets looks so cozy.

  4. Wonderful! A perfect way to use that beautiful journal by Anca.
    You have just made me want to buy one! :-)

  5. Anca is such a sweetie, your journal is beautiful and so is your new place, it looks very relaxing. May the journal be filled with happiness and your home be full of smiles.

  6. It is an excellent way of filling Baghy's journal and giving it a very long lasting life. Handing it down from generation to generation to give strength, hope to its owners.

  7. Dear Sandra, what a lovely surprise you made me with this blog post! I am so happy to hear you like the journal and you'll use it in such a meaningful way! It fills my heart with joy when my creations become their owners special friends! Thank you all so much for your lovely words, you made me very happy :)

    Sandra, looove the pellets table and everything, looks so inviting!

  8. Such a nice story Sandra! And great idea for journal!

  9. great post Sandra !

    you are my personal hero :)