Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Welcome to azulado lifestyle!

I sandra
Passionate about the sea, the sun, the warm breeze of summer afternoons
The color delights me,
Life is a challenge ...

I, Sandra
creative ...

I share with you the new page of my life, I bring in the baggage a life of struggles, losses and victories.
As some of you know, from my previous blog, my companion passed away.

This is my new blog. like a rebirth, a start over ...

I'll never forget the past, it was who made ​​me what I am today and I bring with me many happy moments.

The recent loss still hurts and accompanies me every day, and I and my son have a life ahead for us and for the beautiful things that life also gives us, I want to share with you this new stage, which we bring smiles and hopes , lessons and joys.

That my studio be filled with life and color.

Which of my days, I can share with you moments and thoughts.

Welcome, it is a pleasure to share with you what life gives me!

This beautiful dress is from https://www.etsy.com/shop/cutrag

4 comentários:

  1. Yay! Go Sandra! Wishing you lots of new and fun adventures in life with full of colors and the beauty of nature. The picture you picked is so appropriate for this! Hugs!

  2. Good luck for this new adventure... you are a brave woman and a talented artist!

  3. Very brave Sandra.. Love to see this brand new blog! wishing you a very interesting, positive, fun new adventures in life!

  4. Thanks girls :) you have been part of my days :) thanks for that :)