Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

Original organic, botanical, natural, geometric

domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Stay tuned, coming up unique creations....

The sea is a source of endless inspiration.
I confess I'm in love by the sea.
  I've done diving few times, and every time I get there the seabed is as if he entered into a magical world. sometimes I almost forget to breathe such is the beauty of our world.

You will soon view a new brand new collection, inspired by the beauty of corals, sea urchins, the colors, perfection and tranquility that only nature can pass on.
I hope that this challenge has a perfect ending. soon there will be in my shop, a tribute into the depths of the ocean, unattainable worlds and breathtakingly beautiful.
Stay tuned, coming up unique creations for the home and for us women who love what is unique and truly inspiring!

I know this is not my best photo, but I assure you it is a wonderful moment :)

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  1. I can see why these amazing natural forms are such a great inspiration to you! Nature is indeed the greatest source of inspiration! And it must be such an indescribable feeling to see these beauties up-close! I'm looking forward to seeing your gorgeous sea-life inspired work!!!
    Have a lovely week, dear Sandra! :)